Street Tracker XJR

The cafe racers, as we mean in the most classic form of this definition, are leaving space for different motorcycles, even though with a fine style.
They are street trackers, roadblocks that squint on the flat track, the phenomenon that is now spread among the enthusiasts.
What we show you is a Yamaha XJR 1200 made by Espiat.com , Daniel Schuh tells us about this motorcycle.

I am a Artist & Designer with a passion for Motos.
What inspired you to start building the bike?
Once again, one of these unbreakable YAMAHA XJR's has found the way to my garage. Motorcycle dealer Hassemer asked me to design a new custom version of their YAMAHA XJR. The only requirement for the new design was not to leave the bike completely black. So the decision was made to use the color combination of black, gold and chrome. The overall style was supposed to go towards a little dirty street tracker. Thus a radical rear end had to be designed and number plates on the handlebar and on the sides must not be missing either. The basic character of the YAMAHA XJR was sustained.

Where did it come from?
Motorcycle dealer Hassemer asked me to design a new custom version of their YAMAHA XJR
What's the donor bike, make, model, year?
Yamaha XJR 1200 1996
What was your vision/plan?
Courage to use chrome, shine and gold. Admittedly, the color combination would not have been expected from me. But somehow, we wanted to build a bike with polished rimbeds again, as it was made in the 1990s. And if you once take this daring step, you can steadily continue right away. So, chrome parts have been deliberately chosen and it worked well. Elbows, rear mufflers and the crash bars, together with the polished rimbeds, form the base of the bike. The rest of the bike comes in discreet black. To compensate this strong color contrast, the decision was made to use a noble metallic gold tone. I think that the color concept fits perfectly to the YAMAHA XJR birth year. Rear, lamp mask and number plates are individual custom made items.
What did you do to the bike?
I have designed and implemented air scoops as cladding for the air filter box. The rear was made of GFK (glassfibre-reinforced plastic). The lamp mask also serves as a number plate and is also a custom made part of fibre composite materials. The mufflers (Ok in this case the "sound amplifiers") fit excellently to the XJR.We wanted to keep the original megaphone look of the end mufflers and decided for these open funnels- Whoa, what a mad sound! The engine and the transmission are in an excellent original condition.

The cockpit was cleaned, a small analogue speedometer and a few signal lights are the necessary leftovers.

For the implementation of the short tail, the frame had to be shortened, the rest of the the framework is unaffected. Combined turn signals with lights and brake function for a clean rear view.
If you've upgraded parts, what make did you choose and where from?
The back and brake lights are being integrated into the turn signal, resulting in a very sporty and clean rear view. The telescopic fork had received more progressive springs.
Any interesting challenges, unconfident, or mistakes?

Tell us about the finish/logos/design?
Chrome, gold and black, havy contrast well balanced.
Any unique features?

- - -

How would you describe your bike?
Street Tracker
How does the bike ride?
The seat position is sporty but upright, thanks to the wide handlebar and the lower weight, resulting in optimal handling results.
What will you do next? New projects?
Just relax ;)

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