Arch Motorcycle | New Model on Eicma

The 75th International Motor Show and Motorcycle Eicma show in Milan it was the stage for the Arch Motorcycle to present new models.

The founders of Arch motorcycle Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger have brought to Milan the new models # 2018krgt1, ARCH # 1s and ARCH METHOD 143

Arch Motorcycle Company is a boutique manufacturer, co-founded by #gardhollinger and #keanureeves, producing custom-made motorcycles in production at its state-of-the-art Los Angeles area. ARCH CNC has worked at home over 200 unique billet aluminum pieces, which were used to compose the KRGT-1, their first production model. Designer and Builder #gardhollinger supervises a personal expert of skilled craftsmen who assemble each unit by hand to meet the customer's ergonomic and aesthetic preferences. #archmotorcycle has recently collaborated with Suter Industries to create the European distribution channel Arch Europe to manage distribution and sales for all # motorcycle models across Europe.

"We are very excited to have presented two motorcycles that represent our vision for the future of #archmotorcycle," said coarchers #archmotorcycle #keanureeves and #gardhollinger. "This also marks our commitment to having our Euro 4-compatible bike and creating the European distribution channel Arch Europe with our Suter Industries partner, we look forward to continuing to grow the brand in Europe after #eicma 2017. "

2018 KRGT-1: The original ARCH KRGT-1 launched in 2015. The purpose and objectives were to introduce a tailor-made custom cruiser that could be driven aggressively and comfortably even for long distances. The latest refined version of this vision will launch in 2018 with a focus on the ergonomic improvements of the bodywork. Other improvements include the updated front suspension, updated ABS and EURO 4 brakes.

124 Cubic Inch, 2032cc American V-Twin Engine

Steel frame with CNC machined aluminum frame

Fork of the new Ohglins FGRT series and ARCH owner back shock

BST Carbon Fiber 5-spoke wheels

Further control / half-available control options

Customized fit and finish for customer

Arco # method143: Advanced thought and art were a basis for #archmotorcycle. This focus accelerated ARCH in the introduction of its first concept production bike. Equipped with a Mono-Cell carbon fiber frame, this progressively designed car will be limited to 23 units. The concept of stratification design and the elegance of bodywork craft include leather, carbon fiber and CNC machined aluminum artfully crafted.

143 Cubic Inch, 2343 cc engine

Designed Ball, Suter Industries has produced CNC machined aluminum, single lever arm with carbon fiber cover

CNC machined aluminum body with integrated stratified leather seat

Design designed by bow designed by mobile phone

Ohlins FGRT series front fork with carbon fiber airfoil

SC projects, exhaust system complete with titanium / carbon fiber

BST carbon fiber turbine wheels designed by Arch

Original headlight design

Arc # 1s: ARCH's first single-blade motorcycle is like evolution of brother KRGT-1. This model is sportingly influenced by a more aggressive driving position, while maintaining its performance cruiser formula unchanged. The CNC machined aluminum and the extensive use of carbon fiber flow inside this stylish motorcycle inspired by running.

124 Cubic Inch, 2032cc American V-Twin Engine

CNC Machined aluminum back and back

New CNC convertible aluminum and carbon coal tank with integrated fuel tank

7-spoke BST wheels in carbon fiber

Optional ABS-Euro 4 compliant

Queste immagini ci sono gentilmente concesse da Mattia Negrini e Stefano Sirchia in esclusiva per il Rocketgarage 

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