Scrambler K100 Ed Turner

I know what you'll say ... On this one, Ed Turner was not too broken the c ** A small scrambler BM blue trend and flat saddle ... It's not the big risk-taking, I admit, but several reasons have pushed me to opt for these choices.

Hugo, the owner, we went on a K100 because a base WB, it's always nice to customize and also mainly because it already owned the original K100 all who expected it.

Hugo is a student. Student = no dosh. Ed on this one, will have to play tight, do not ignite on purchases of coins and find a way to give a little attitude with this Norman wardrobe ... with the means at hand and a timing reduced.

Even revise his classics, as revisiting a bit too though.

So the first priority will be to blow up the big original tank and replace it with a sexy model (from a Spanish 125). The operation requires the establishment of an external pump.

Little work on the loop back to straighten a little welcome the general line and the flat saddle, basic, standard, everyone sticks around ... View 1000 times but makes good!

Note that in this model the air boxes are the size of a top case. Not very graceful all! Then one sees replaced by a "fake carb" of the air intake system attached to the battery while the other disappears, makeup satchel behind her leather straps.

Two tires army for virility. A dirt track handlebar for cool attitude and the machine is ready to paint. The color blue is the only item listed in the specifications provided by the client, I put a point of honor to respect for once!

Now ready to play in the mud .... Parisian avenues!

© Francois Richer - My Spirit Photographie

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