Espiat BMW R80

The BMW R series are now the foundations preferite by many customizer in the world and even Daniel Schuh , designe and artist, by Espiat, chose her for one of his first works. The bike has been modernized is relieved of his heavy original outfit, in fact is a BMW R80 RT 1984 working on the brat style.

The Japanese interpretation of Café Racers called Brat Style. Much more than in the Café Racer is here a low, small sitting stressed that enables a unique road frame of the bike and the rider. The steering is often short with a Brat bike, often straight, but always individual. A clip-ons is in this style also allows such a high Apehanger handlebars or a motocross handlebars. Important, the central element that offers the same materials of the motorcycle. Polished or blackened metal make the Brat Style optically.
Japanese manufacturers, led by Yamaha SR models and Suzuki, are stylish basics for the Brat Style.

Thus came in the winter an old BMW R80 with the Flex. In the original, this bike is really not beautiful, but if only times half is degraded and sawn things look quite different.
I opted for a brat style, because I think that the R80 is not a pure racer to make it sporty enough, the bike has good reason to get ground of willful suspension nicknamed Gummikuh. But for a stylish Bratumbau sitting upright, it is the perfect base!

After all superfluous trim parts were dismantled it went directly to the rear frame. The tail had to be cut to 20cm and made narrower to 2cm in order to achieve a homogeneous line. In the middle of the original BMW rear frame makes a slight bend down. This kink we also straightened. The seat base we laminating fit on the rear frame, brackets are equal with laminated. The front and rear fenders for the R 80 we have also made of very lightweight fiberglass. The red tank in the original paint looks really great, unfortunately, these scrapes and bumps of the trim parts, so we could paint it again in a slightly lighter shade of red. Rims and various small parts were black powder. The cockpit was extremely reduced and replaced with an oldschool, analog speedometer and a carbon plate. The original rear silencer are replaced by little shorties.
The Sitzzbank was purchased in a black suede and trimmed with red stitching step. Bottom line, a rugged, mobile fun bike to come out. The handling has been significantly improved due to the massive weight loss, the new seating position and wide handlebars. The bottom line is about 30kg weight reduction in the balance.

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