Avinton Collector Race R

In the world of cars and motorcycles have rules that are not formed explicitly, but you can see them. American sports bikes always have maximum performance and daring look. European brands make motorcycles with refined elegance and the corresponding performance.

These "laws" will vary depending on the country and the bike class, but when these rules are broken, the bike can turn a genius. As it happened with Avinton Motorcycles, which are produced in Sommières, France.

Unique motorcycle Avinton Collector Race R created Cedric Klein, an engineer who specializes in thermodynamic systems. He was able to develop a true Muscle Bike. The result was unpredictable, but this bike is exactly what we expected from a guy who is a fan of the Shelby Cobra.

As a child, Klein saw the original version of the AC Cobra. This image has lodged in his head, and when in 2011 he acquired Avinton Motorcycles, this is the car was the muse of all its projects.

In true American fashion, Klein began building motorcycles, not only focusing on performance, but also paying attention to their appearance. Avinton powerplant has a volume in cubic centimeters and 1638 represents a motor S & S Cycle V100C, it gives 210 horsepower at 5750 rpm and 290 Nm at only 3000 rpm. These figures are staggering, they scare.

41mm Keihin gives amazing quality. Exhaust system emits a sound that can only be described as "monstrous roar."
A curious feature is Avinton air intake, which has been integrated into the fuel tank.
The center is dominated by a motorcycle turbocharger, of course the question arises - where fuel is stored? To solve this puzzle Avinton developed a special sculpted tank of 3.4 gallons, which is located at the rear.
Once the gases have done their work, they go on a luxury aluminum tubes that carry aesthetic Hailwood and Agostini racing cars.

This motorcycle was influenced by the British cafe-racer. Klein took Avinton classical concept and mixed them with modern trends. Inverted 46mm Ceriani forks, which are fully regulated by the menacing 22-degree rake, and various additions speak about the essence Collector Race R. In this case, the small details do not detract from the overall concept.

Classic American Muscle style includes racing stripes, which popularized Carol Shelby. This design feature, which mimic many, but not many people are used properly. There are dark double strip from nose to tail on a light blue background, this can only get the bike with these characteristics. It can be seen that it is something more than just a custom.

Weight in this bike is not quite American - 192 kg.

Many of us would like to take this bike to test his ability on the track. But the first thing you may find that an ordinary person may not be able to cope with so much potential.

The combination of racing performance, style and quality impressed us. For Cedric Klein his passion amerikasnkimi Muscle penalties allowed to take the best and embody these traits in Avinton Collector Race R.


Engine: S & S Cycle V100C

Bore x stroke: 101.6 x 101.6 mm

Injection: Garrett turbocharger and carburetor Keihin 41mm

Maximum power 210 hp at 5750 rpm

Maximum torque: 290 Nm at 3000 rpm

Top speed: 301 km / h

Transmission: five-speed gearbox


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