Honey Ryder by Monotromo

The part of the work that I prefer is not to show the beautiful bikes, maybe I would in my garage, but I discover small garage or big fans of cafe racer who fail to realize their dreams, in short, I like to do the talent scout.
This time I show you the work of Mariano Rodriguez and his Monotromo.

"My name is Mariano Rodriguez.
Some time ago that attracted me the idea of ​​making my own bike, because what is in the market has no flow and for me it was very important that my bike had to have a name and especially and most importantly: Alma .
When her be fitted in outside the head of the road and the coolest on the terraces. And that is not manufactured in series, one can do it from the inside, being the creator of my own tendency, my style Monotronomo Cafe Racer.

My workshop really is a cave where there is a table in which a set of pieces bolted to a wheeled chassis and engine catatonic climbs; after a few days of observation, you can start to create something, which is between madness and obsession to have something unique, atypical both ways mixing colors without order, but with sense to me, of that mixture born f # uckstyle of Monomotromo Cafe Racer so we can give the customer the feeling of goosebumps every time I admire his bike, which is the most difficult for me, because they do not know how to explain, comes only to externalize my feelings and translate them on the bike.
Without realizing it, the time to be working on the bike the right notes in the score with which you're playing the song and poof it, Honey Rider appears they appear. And I admire her and think, "but pretty is the bike I've done."
I can not describe the sensation when you look for any side.
Has pace and that gives you a unique feeling is mine alone, and only one can look but do not possess.
This is for me lol.


1 This bike model I came by chance because I was looking for a Honda CB Boldor. Motoguzzi Kawasaki Z1000 and things like that as more used to seeing in the modifications to the people on the web but one day pick up at school my kids I got to talking with a friend on the subject that could not find a price basis to start a new project and showed me pictures of an advertisement which sold one GS850G Suzuki who initially did not know because it's not a bike that interested me at first but with a price to match the state that had the bike and me more like the bike and besides having kickstarter was the most striking of this it was certainly the trigger that starts the first to kick I decided to buy it.

2 State of the bike was much stop time in a garage with the look badly damaged but complete.
 The motorbike had a friend of mine and certainly a fan of scooters ducati and was not interested at all this Suzuki and I sold it cheap.

3 You had to completely disassemble the chassis to sandblast and paint with powder coating in black satin,
 The rear of the chassis was cut slightly into the dropouts of the party holding the light source the rest not touch anything else.
The carburetors were rebuilt completely the deposit was changed by the 1100 model Suzuki.

4 Single engine was checked and the oil filter and change the engine gaskets were changed because of this operation was very good without any problems or strange mechanical noise.
Only the air filter box removed to improve the view in the rear triangle and classic filters were placed potencia.con the consequent change in the carburetion setting modifying steps gasoline gum high to make optimum carburetion.
The suspensions were changed by some adjustable compression and rebound with Showa separate bottle.
The forks were changed to a complete front end of Suzuki GSX600F and entering without touching anything on the bike and won diameter from 39 to 43 mm, the tire went from 19 "to 17" and bottles remained conventional and improved both in braking with a higher quality of brake calipers also old but quite better than riding home the serial GS850G single piston and roadholding.

5 Painting the frame was powder coating and the motor way to black with some polished parts use a paint used on the cylinder head covers used in cars like Honda VTEC or Ferrari that gives the texturing and anticalórica finish the time with a spectacular finish.
The bike was painted by a professional and the colors chosen were the Riviera blue Porsche GT3 race and the gas tank and the gray of the new Fiat 500 for the rest of the bike. apart from the decoration of the dorsal bone tones and typography vinyl matt black on gray with scattered logos MONOTRONOMO the bike.

6 You believe it or not but the style came alone because you never end where the bike that I simply leaves the inspiration of the moment and the ideas that go through my head. (I was amused that a follower of instagram signed me with a f # ucking "style") hahaha.
The names of the bikes use are secret agents that were used in the films of James Bond 007 and certainly was an idea of ​​my sister Estrella and I loved the idea and continue with our spies and a new way as the Pantah that is almost finished and Tatiana Romanova be called that was used in From Russia with love.

7 To the tires as the rear is gimbals and could not have it both 17 "because the original design is 19" front and did not see it balanced with the rear extent 17 "was what caused the change of train full front a17 "
the semi handlebars were replaced by a removable 43 "Tarozzi.
Faro cheap tractor and I liked the way for the bike.
Semi cowling and tail fiber modified car Suzuki XR69.
fists Biltwell
Brembo radial pump brake
Honda GL1000 control lights
eletrônico spedometer without mechanical type reenvio bike brand kung fu Chinese alixpress we cojonudo and cheap.
Wheel hubcaps Chinese paellera adapted.
Support clock Monotronomo
Arana fairing Monotronomo
Electrical box elements under pollock as the battery and electrical installation as Monotronomo
Intermittent buried inside the semi handlebars exploited some bullet type only the lampshades.
Raised support and anchors fuel tank and pollock Monotronomo
Removing center stand.
Exhaust manifold 4 in 1 Devil stainless steel exhaust and Leovinci GP
Montesa taillight.
Tuition support Monotronomo

8 truth is that the construction process step Bratstyle a cafe racer and then 360 turn what you see without realizing with parts of the bike a little Steampunk with contributions bronze at the lighthouse and brass screws with solder tin the asymmetry in lights paint one side of hubcaps, back in just a back side and very different colors on the bike without sense colorimetry. fists in mustard color, a single focus, mirror on engine support and some details that I spend hehehe rare but I like what is not normal and this bike is impossible to go unnoticed.

9 In the construction of the bike part aesthetic and creative design Mariano Rodriguez I am Monotronomo as a builder and Antonio Fernandez in the mechanical and electrical with what the couple is perfect for these creations section.

Model: Nuria Tarres (@ninainstafit).
MUA: Ana de Fortuny.
Photographer: Gerard Maynou (@gerardmaynou)

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