London Bobber

Usually between the pages of RocketGarage you can observe many cafe racer, but as I always said my interest is 360 degrees, and this Bobber is something beautiful to look at and certainly also capable of giving good driving sensations.
Alex, the owner of this bike, is a Brazilian living in London who always loved the classics

When I bought this Softtail from Ebay I wanted to transform the classic look into another classic (a bobber) . And I've been collecting the bits a little while until when I found Danny Zeus from Zeus Motorcycles in East London. I dropped by to talk about the project, great guy and phenomenal work.

We stripped down to the bone everything of the Heritage including name and logos. Also customized the frame to give the hard tail look.
I have collected some classic bits like the Indian tire, forks and in his shop I found original vintage bits as the yellow 70's headlights and other tweaks .

I am very happy with the role process and the result. The final all-mate-black bobber wit comfort of a softail and the wild sound of the V Twin.

Above all I didn't want create a show piece bike, I wanted something comfortable, an authentic ride.

The Harley-Davidson Softail 1450cc was stripped down to the bone reveling only the most iconic features: 
tank, dash, panel, engine and the wild roar of the V-Twin.  The all mate black bobber is authentic, wild looker and very confortable to ride. 
Extra items expecially added to make the bike trully unique.
Screamin Eagle Performance Kit / Air / Exhaust 
Harley Davidson custom frame 
Springer Front End Forks
Wheels / Rims / Spokes
Indian motorcycle classic tires
Rear Black fitted fender 
Custom seat 
Foot peg extensions
Performance Machine front caliper 
"Stop" side mount tail light
Vintage 70's yellow headlight 
... to name a few.

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