Based on the coveted series models of Ferrari 250 50-60 years', this huge automobile charts inspire a legacy that is both sporty and classic.

Inspired by the old Ferrati 250 60s and using the Ducati Monster, Desmo Classic creates a series of machines that have the vintage charm but modern mechanics. Every bike has the name of a character that has made this 4-wheel icon.
This is the first is the name of Guiseppe Farina # 18


Guiseppe Farina has a name that reminds us of another key figure in Ferrari history, the designer Sergio Pininfarina. No coincidence, it is none other than the cousin of it. But now, Guiseppe Farina does not owe its reputation to its name but rather to his career in the world of motor racing. It is none other than the very first world champion of Formula 1 in 1950.

His involvement in the development of the Ferrari 250 models is indirect, but by winning multiple titles at the wheel of Ferrari he helped inaugurate the technical developments that have equipped the touring models thereafter, including Ferrari 250 themselves.


Full LED lighting
leather sheath-Set Italy
handlebars bracelets
Aluminum mirrors
Master cylinder jars and aluminum brake
aluminum handlebars
Hanger aluminum lighthouse
Insert stainless steel polished Desmo Classico
Polished stainless steel exhaust silencer (removable baffle)
collector coating with heat tape
Pare exhaust heat brushed aluminum
Pirelli Phantom tires
Fire frame machined

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