Sunday Dirt Toy

Off the beaten track is the best way to define this 1989 Suzuki DR600. With so many NX’s and XT’s maybe the original DR should get a shout.

The donor bike was passed on to our client Luke “Milky” McEvoy as an already unfinished project and came (eventually) to the Vintage Addiction Crew Workshop after he re-started his own vision for the project at home.

But as often happens, he simply did not have the time or tools or tinkering skills (he won’t mind me saying that!) to complete the project.

We already knew Luke from meeting him at the Metamorphosis Massiva show, his Garage Artists’ Short Film Nights and support of the bike scene here in Barcelona, so we were pleased to help.

He wanted a slimmed down adventure bike, a skinny look with less weight for burning round the trails up in the mountains of Cataluña. With no need for long distance biking and limited road use but without losing the DR’s toughness and Dakar spirit we developed a look of a typical scrambler with (after a few beers) a nod to 70’s MX.

The bike appeared to in a bad state, but it ran well (second kick!) even without a decent loom, clocks, air box or carb. So off came the huge Djebel adventure tank, moldy seat, and we rebuilt a sub-chassis to accommodate a flatter profile away from the broken back look of the DR600 frame and the new custom seat and custom supports for rear and front Montesa chrome fenders.

Luke found a 1979 Suzuki TS125 deposit from the USA with million dents, several layers of paint and the usual rusty interior. But after passing through the magic hands of our friend Kilian at Pic-AStudio it came back perfectly restored with a silver and “Petronas Blue” paint job.

We beefed up the front end with Suzuki DR Big 750 forks with new oil, seals and gators. Next the engine and carburetor clean up and an off THE shelf exhaust. Then the frame was given a lick of black paint, new clocks, cables and lines, bear trap rider pegs and removable SR250 pillion pegs (Just to pass the ITV). The ignition is re-located to just under the tank/seat join.

We sourced an OEM loom from the breakers yard and we completed a total rewiring and just in front of the aluminum race plate there is a custom wired slot to attach a front head light when required. There are a similar plug and play slots for the removable indicators.

To hide the original air box we mounted drilled polished custom side covers and matched those with the custom exhaust heat guards and OEM bash plate.

Tracker style bars, mini clock and 70’s MX grips, race plate…and of course keeping the original wired rims fitted 100% super knobblies for those days when you just want to quit your job for month of rainy Sundays in the dirt.


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