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The Sultans of Sprint challenge is gathering motorcycle freaks from all over Europe to race their spectacular custom built sprint bikes. Not focused only on speed, performance and power the Sultans of Sprint challenge will also reward the contenders for their style, creativity and craziness. 

The participating bikes are 100% custom built by the best custom workshops and enthusiasts. The bikes are powered by air or oil cooled 4 stroke engines up to 1400cc. The Sultans of Sprint is a class of its own … a race for turbocharged flying carpets built & raced by creative gearheads. Here is the current status of the championship after the 2 first rounds hosted by Wheels & Waves and Cafe Racer festivals. It’s now time to vote for the most stylish crew and win a Shoei Helmet or Gentlemen’s Factory gears on http://sultansofsprint.com/events/crewstylefanboost/.

Goodtimes despite race cancellation at Wheels & Waves.

The Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz was to host the very first race of Sultans of Sprint championship. However, the weather conditions decided differently as rain and fog felt upon Jaizkibel and thus hampered any form of competition.  This did not distract photographer Marc Holstein to gather the contenders along the Milady beach for some family pictures. After this photoshooting, missing some actions the Sultans of Sprint racers organized an outlaw push push 1/32 dragrace in the parking lot  … no engine, no noise, no burnout this time : the rider & a team mate had to push their bike as fast as possible … kidsfun & good laughs before sharing some drinks altogether in the Sultans of Sprint area in the Wheels &Waves village.

First dragstrip riots in Linas Monthléry during Cafe Racer Festival.  
The Cafe Racer Festival on the beautiful and legendary Linas Monthléry high speed & race track was hosting the second round but finally the first races for the Sultans of Sprint championship. The Sultans of Sprint contenders have been able to at least race 1/8 mile against each other on Saturday before the rain started to come back. Thanks to the organizers the end of the race has been postponed to Sunday afternoon. The Yamaha TR1 « Skinny Beast » from Schlachtwerk Racing team (GER) got 1st place just in front of the fast Triumph « Crazy Bonnie » from FCR Original (FR). The BMW « Sprintbeemer » from the Lucky Cat Garage (FR) came 3rd battling against the Ducati « Royal Pantah » from Switch Stance Riding (JP).  

Sultans of Sprint 2016 current standings

1. Schlachtwerk | Allemagne    Tommy Vomhinterof | Yamaha « Skinny Beast ».
2. FCR Orignal | France    Sébastien Guillemot | Triumph « Crazy Bonnie ».
3. The Lucky Cat Garage | France   Seb Lorentz | BMW « Sprintbeemer ».
4. Switch Stance Riding | Japon   Kozaka Toshiyuki | Ducati « Royal Pantah ».
5. Libner-Baloo Racing | France   Hervé Libner |: BMW « 940B LSR ».
6. St-Brooklyn Motorcycles | France   Ludwig Ascher | BMW « L’Etonnante ».
7. Plan B Motorcycles | Italie    Emanuele Crosta | Buell « Cherry Salt ».
8. Young Guns Speed Shop | Suisse  Marco Zesiger | Moto Guzzi « Ferdinand the Sparrow ».
9. Stucki2Rad – VTR Customs | Suisse  Dani Weidmann | BMW « Polizia Uno ».
10. Kingston Custom | Allemagne   Dirk Oehlerking | BMW « SprintBoxer ».
11. Sooner or Later Garage | France   Frederic Garraud | BMW « Flat Punisher ».
12. Venom Design | France    Jerome Mazzon | Harley Davidson « the Sprintster ».
13. Krautmotors | Allemagne    Rolf Reick | BMW « NN ».
14. BCAN Race | France    Brice Canayer | BMW « the Bee ».
15. Blitz Motorcycles | France    Hugo Jezegabel | BMW « Black Pearl ».
16. Radical Guzzi | Allemagne    Josef Leitl | Moto Guzzi « NOSferatu ».
17. Krafstoffschmiede | Allemagne   Philipp Ludwig | BMW « Cat Killer ».
18. Edelweiss Motorsport | Allemagne   Dirk Scheffer | BMW « Edelweiss 90S ».

Regarding the Fotozino #sultansofsprint Challenge One, Schlachtwerk (GER) and St-Brooklyn Motorcycles (FR) won a beautiful 3D printed trophy and 500€ cash … so they can improve their machine before the next races in september

Vote now for the most stylish Sultans of Sprint crew & win a SHOEI JO open face helmet or a Gentlemen’s Factory jacket & sweatshirt !
Which team has the most stylish crew ? It’s about the style of the crew when the rider is not alone in the pits.

Your vote can change the rankings of your favourite team. By voting & registrating for the newsletter on  http://sultansofsprint.com/events/crewstylefanboost/ , you can win a Gentlemen’s Factory jacket or sweatshirt and a SHOEI JO jet helmet ! 

Sultans of Sprint  2016 Calendar Race
1 | Wheels &Waves Festival | Biarritz (France) | 8-12 june 2016
Race 2 | Cafe Racer Festival | Monthléry (France) | 18-19 june 2016
Vote 1 | « Best Crew Style » fanboost | online votes 1st to 10 july 2016
Race 3 | Glemseck 101 | Leonberg (Germany) | 2-4 september 2016
Vote 2 | « Best Racer Style » fanboost | online votes 9 to 18 september 2016
Vote 3 | « Best Crew Style » fanboost | online votes 5 to 9 october 2016
Race 4 | Intermot  | Koeln (Germany) | 4-10 october 2016

Sultans of Sprint championship online sultansofsprint.com Facebook | Instagram | Youtube #sultansofsprint  #speedisourreligion
The Sultans of Sprint challenge 2016 is presented thanks to the trust and support from its partners : fotozino, NudeAudio, Heidenau, Classic Machines, Gentlemen’s Factory, Instantané, Machine 17, La Fabrique 3D, Nolaroads, Atelier Nord but also Bike EXIF, Intersection Magazine and GQ France.

Photo by  Cyril Casagrande - Christine Gabler - Laurent Nivalle - Marc Holstein photography - Fotografy K - MJ Studio 

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