CBR 400 RR Cafe Endurance

Young people are always ready to get in the game and try new ways to do what they dream, so Piyush Verman just graduated from ingenious instead of looking for the classic workplace he started building motorcycles with the help of his friend Nishanth Patel, more experienced in this kind of work.

"So a few months ago when we graduated and most of them went to work or to pursue higher education, Nishanth Patel and I (Mechanical Engineers who didn't want an IT job) decided to give a new lease of life to his Honda CBR 400 RR. The plan was to built an old school endurance cafe racer out of it. We got to the drawing board and custom built this. It has a hand made aluminium front fairing and tail. Custom freeflow exhaust, racing hoses and braided lines, custom wiring and this gorgeous #Honda #Rothmans paint scheme courtesy of @fusionkustoms. 
We built the bike at Fusion Kustoms and would like to thank everyone who supported us, our head mechanic Mr. Siddiq and the artists behind making our efforts look professional Mr. Shashank, Mr Aman and @atishmohanan. 
And I can not explain how amazing it feels to photograph something you built with your own hands. #piyushvermaphotography 
So tell us what you think and I'll post the running video soon, cause this bike is one helluva sound track.
Cheers! #builtnotbought "

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