Dust Hustle | Inappropriate Dirt Day

Why try dirt track on the woefully inappropriate? Because no good story ever started with 'I was riding the perfect bike in excellent conditions...'
Ellaspede’s Dust Hustle™ events are dirt days for anyone to ride whatever rig they can throw a leg over! These are the biggest ‘dirt flirt’ fun days open to all the weird, wonderful and woefully unsuitable motorcycles that could possibly be ridden on the dirt.

The newest event on the Dust Hustle™ calendar, Dust Hustle 4: Biddaddaba was "The Riders' Event" for 2017. 3 tracks were spread across the rolling grass hills, testing riders enthusiasm for the inappropriate.
DH4 was a big-old-campout with just the right amount of good food and great drinks. We got back to basics and combined the best Dust Hustle™ had to offer with 3 new tracks, overnight camping and a trackside afterparty Saturday night!
We're rounded up 200 of the most legendary muppets to join us for this scramble shamble, with riders piloting the most weird, wonderful and woefully unsuitable motorcycles across 3 tracks. Classes included our usuals, which was everything from slush box scooters through to risky road bikes and choppers.
In 2017 Dust Hustle 4 attracted a field of 200 riders across 4 classes who entertained 1000+ strong crowd of spectators on Saturday 22 April in Biddaddaba, Queensland, Australia.

Photo by Karlos Neale - @motorcyclepics_

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