WELCOME TO NEW SCHOOLIn a world driven by technology, we don't have to be stuck in the old days with old ways of working. ALTER is born by using new technologies and is inspired by them. We want to stimulate people’s curiosity by using new kinds of materials, by being critical and by testing every idea that we have.

It’s about not limiting yourself and opening your mind to potentially revolutionary ways of doing things. 3D design, virtual engineering, 3D simulation, rendering; these are all things we explore and things we have seen incredible results with.

Dab Motors teamed up with Polyshape for developing optimized components for the ALTER motorcycle. Thanks to a strong collaboration, our complex designs become a reality by using cutting edges metal additive manufacturing process. This gonna change how we create and customize a motorcycle. We have now unlimited possibilities of creation that wouldn't be possible with traditionnal processes.

Aluminium 3D printed upper triple tree, risers, headlight holder, 3D printed subchassis (printed by Polyshape) |Handlebar,Handlebar caps, Grips,Front Brake Reservoir, Mirror, Gascap, Rear brake reservoir from Rizoma | Brembo Calipers and Master cylinder | Gilles Tooling Rear sets kit |XSR 900 Chain Guard | Bcomp ampliTex Flax fiber bodywork |Seat made of ARMALITH | ROTOBOX RBX2 Carbon wheels |Michelin ROAD 5 Tires | Shock absorber Öhlins STX 46 YA335| Front suspension system Öhlins NIX 30 | IXIL SX1 Exhaust |DNA Performance Air Filters | Smart LED lighting system with adressable LEDs, Arduino microcontroller board and Bluetooth connection (keyless ignition) | Integrated stock speedometer

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