A futuristic work of art from Blechmann.
 A strong character needs a strong name. The "Blechmann" [Tin Man] is a name that is strong like metal. It is also the nickname of Bernhard Naumann, customizer and precisely one such personality. When he talks about his credo for modifications, it sounds almost lyrical. His words are manifested in his head as an idea that promises a great deal.  

"Fantasies that are brought to life by form and shape", the qualified body specialist says, roughly describing his work. Or: "soul-searching in the metal. Surfaces that are too balsamic for the eyes." As poignant as his statements might sound, his bikes nevertheless wholly reflect these claims. They are works of art made of metal and panels. It's no wonder that Bernhard Naumann is an avid sci-fi enthusiast. Looking into the future requires special powers of imagination, of which this customizer has plenty. His bikes seem like they come from a distant, far-away time.

"It seems I have built a chicken with underarms and headlamps."
Bernhard Naumann

An unusual name.
He does not perceive his version of the R nineT as a custom bike, but as a concept bike and an "opportunity". "The joke about this for me is that BMW went to an individualist and wanted him to build a non-standard version", says the winner of the Willie G. Davidson Design Award. But then he turned the joke back on its head and created "a machine that could easily have come from BMW". His motorcycle really just looks like a distant relative of the R nineT. Apart from the handbrake levers, handlebars and fork, everything originates from the metal-loving Tin Man's hands. For the electronics, the saddle and the paintwork, he received outside support. Only the name was missing. He has already christened his bikes "The weird rider" or "Carpathian dog". And his version of the BMW R nineT? "Friends mentioned that my bodyshell on the front was slightly reminiscent of a chicken's head(!)", the customizer recounts. "I then asked what the Bavarians had to say about this. Then I decided to call the machine 'Giggerl'." [The Southern German word for chicken]

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