Norton 961 MM Flat Track

Norton are pleased to announce and reveal the first picture of the Norton 961 MM Flat Track bikes produced in collaboration with the specialist bike build 72 Motorcycles team from Brighton in the UK. The bike can be seen at the UK's Motorcycle Live at the NEC bike show from this Saturday.

The bike is inspired by the past to the motion that has built Room Wood, a specialist of the 70 This bike won the Ascot Championship three years running in the mid-seventies and is full of Ron Wood's and CR Axtell's best stuff.
This is the Ron Wood Norton flat tracker on Which Alex Jorgensen (# 44) won the National at Ascot in 1978. This is the last to have Norton to win the Grand National Flat Track event. Ron was and is known for His prep race and it shines through in this bike, as well as in the big-bike tube.

Photo from Southsiders MC


  1. The original Ron Woods bike looks like a track star...it's lean and gorgeous. The 72 Motorcycle bike looks like a Sumo wrestler...it is fat and ugly

  2. The Half-Mile National Championship event that the Ron Wood Norton won was at Ascot, near Los Angeles. It was ridden by Dave Aldana, who later joined the BSA factory team. After Dave crossed the finish line and drove into the pits, the bike caught on fire. Some of the other riders in the event smothered the fire by backing their bikes up to the blaze and spinning their rear tires, throwing clouds of dirt on the Norton, while Aldana and Wood laughed their azzes off.

    They were laughing because Ron Wood had once said that the "perfect race" would be when your bike finishes first, and as it crosses the line, the engine explodes, the wheels fall off, the frame breaks in half and the rider drops dead from a heart attack.

    I was there as a spectator, since I was recovering from an injury form another half-mile in Washington state. My girlfriend at the time was the trophy girl who gave Dave his trophy, check and a big smooch for the cameras. Fun times!


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