Among the motorcycles interesting that you can see at EICMA will also include the KAWASAKI ZRX1200R by SKODA DESIGN, a motorcycle classic taste with unique custom equipment, will be on display in Hall 9 - T54

New-age classic with unique custom equipment

 “The intention is a design, which combines the old school spirit is present in the form of a 
hi-tech components” says the designer Ladislav Skoda
The base of this custom bike is the engine ZRX 1200, whose roots date back to the iconic “Z” from seventies and eighties , which determined the trend with its timeless concept.
"Unlike current trend overly aggressive and dynamic shapes, I tried a motorcycle imprint shape purity and proportional balance, to form a harmonious whole , which dominated by the engine. "
The aim is to achieve the best possible driveability, because the machine is equipped with only premium components from the finest materials and parts made to order.

 Why ZRX? 

Today's hi - tech superbikes are due to competitive struggle still faster, stronger and better, but I feel that most of them disappearing individuality and genuine character. 
ZRX1200R is not so much about the absolute power, but more about passion and driving pleasure, so I decided for the classic concept of the carburettor engine that controls only the rider and no electronics. That's why the choice fell on Kawasaki ZRX1200R that in its heyday in the hands of Eddie Lawson dominated the racing circuits.

Making of

I chose the classic technique , which involved creating a clay model in scale 1:1 st. After three months of modeling is model converted into an optical 3D scanner into digital form.
Individual parts of the fairing was then redesigned in CAD programs from the reconstruction of surfaces to small details and are ready for 3D printing the first test of a prototype full scale of ABS material, with a view to debug ergonomic sitting position, for example. Saddle shape, location handlebars and assembling of chassis parts intended for five-axis machining.
In parallel, it is entered into the production design is complete „four into four“ exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel and also manufacture upholstery and seat cover. After modifying some of the shortcomings followed by a final 3D printing parts of the bodywork and CNC machining of selected parts of the chassis, for example triple clamp set, handlebar risers, brake disc holders, etc. of light alloys. Lightweight fuel tank is made ​​of composite materials.
"With breaks on the bike to work over two years, because there was no reason to hurry . 
I wanted to enjoy creative process rather than on themselves unnecessarily
exert pressure . Mainly I wanted to be with everyone detail happy . " Says Ladislav.


  1. Bella ma dal mio punto di vista avrei preferito 2 silenziatori e non 4

    1. Questioni di gusto, ma di certo per raggiungere meglio l'obiettivo del richiamo vintage melgio 4 come nel modello a cui si ispira ...la Z900


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