Race with the devil

Journey into the panama of the 1970s - A book of 100% unpublished photos of Yan Morvan

A book of 100% unpublished photos of yan morvan on bikers and Parisian rockers of the late 1970s, accompanied by a new unpublished Pierre Mikaïoff and for the first time the testimony of Loulou Crimea on this time!

"Crazy Cavan was playing at the Bataclan that night, and all the cats from Paris and around had come together, their hair-gominated-creepers-bolo-tie look was out of fashion for a long time, but the Stray Cats would change. soon all that ".

"Unsurprisingly, all the books were related to the Nazi ideology, the Wehrmacht, the Waffen-SS and their supreme leader, and it was probably time to say goodbye to the band. never adhered to the racist jokes of the bikers, but, after all, they were not very different from those she heard in the city where she had grown up, and to condone Nazism was another matter. "

To support the project "Race with the Devil", it happens on ULULE, 66 €, 200 x 300, seminar 150grs coated paper, 200 pages, including delivery costs.

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