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Ricky De Haas is a german bike builder from a company called Wanabe-Choppers in Heuttenberg, Germany. This is his bad ass electric chopper.
A short time ago I had shown you another custom bike that was the new electric technology, mixing past and future in a mix of rare beauty, here we are in another of these cases.

To tell the truth, Ricky did not intend to build an electric motor, but his intent was to build the entire engine for this chopper, but the limited time and expiration dates to expose the bike at the One Moto Show made him take this decision.

Instead of having a mannequins that you could move to think well of installing an electric motor, which is talemnte well concealed that a distracted look could make you think of a traditional bike with an internal combustion unit.

The engine is hidden inside the rear wheel hub, where the brake is also located, while the battery pack is in the fake oil tank under the saddle.

All the electronics are placed in a fake gearbox, from which comes the little manettino that starts the bike.

The command of the accelerator is traditional, the speed and the autonomy are very small, but this is a dictation, because in this case it is the idea to be rewarded over the fabulous work performed on metal surfaces.

I must say that this type of solutions do not displease me, since on these specials do not prefer performance but beauty in all its forms, I'm sure we'll see others adopt this technology.

Ricky, however, is keen to point out that this was only a temporary solution and that the traditional engine will be completed so as to complete the work as it had designed it.

Photo and Info from Bittwell Inc

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