Daniel Peter's TT500

Awesome this #TT500 is Daniel Peter's latest creation. Features #MotoLanna swingarm, Classic seat and dipstick. 

More details as provided by Daniel: I picked up this TT500 on a whim for $400, thinking I would turn it into a street version of my SR500 AHRMA race bike. It sat for a few months, until a photographer friend of mine emailed me, asking if I had any interesting projects in the works. His 200cc cafe racer was starting to lose its fight against the tough NYC streets, and Remi was looking for a new ride. I told him about my plans for the TT, and he was immediately on board. My goal was to turn this crusty 70s dirt bike into a handsome vintage supermoto, with good suspension, brakes, and sticky tires. I completely disassembled the bike, and took the engine apart, finding a bent connecting rod. Pretty amazing, considering the bike still ran very strong! The engine was put back together with all new bearings, new crank, SR500 head and a higher compression Wiseco piston. I ditched the tired 6 volt points system, and replaced it with modern 12v Powerdynamo ignition, along with a complete new custom wiring harness. The TT picked up a few more ponies thanks to a Mikuni VM36 carburetor, and a Hoos Racing header, mated to a Cone muffler. The suspension was upgraded with YSS shocks, and adjustable 41mm ZX600 forks. A 4-piston Brembo caliper with a 320mm full floating rotor (from a KTM supermoto) stop the light bike on a dime. The tires are 18” ContiRoadAttack 2 CR, designed for vintage endurance racing. MotoLanna supplied seat and the fantastic aluminum swingarm. The speedo is from Motogadget. I wanted the paint scheme to resemble the classic TT500 design, with a slight twist. I made new vinyl decals for the tank, and Polowy Fab&Finish nailed the racy paint job once again - a combination of brushed metal and orange yellow. Some might say the bike looks like a fairly stock machine from a distance, but you'll quickly notice lots of little custom details up close. From the front fender to the hand made LED tail light. 

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