GsxR Martini

From Mendoza Argentina  Dino Cycles of  Dino Maltoni  presents us joined his owner Gustavo war is furious Suzuki GSXR 1100 (oiler) of the year 1992 made a modern racer coffee at the request of its owner, who wanted.

The most radical bike and not a classic, is that this bike has some exquisite and somewhat exotic construction details, worth seeing in person......... The bike was bought in an impeccable condition, it was completely dismantled and an exhaustive work was started for Q every detail not only has an aesthetic achieved but also an optimal functionality, since it is a beast with power to spare and no margin for the error. 

The bike is designed and built to fit your owner Dino is characterized by being an integral builder, that is, he designs and builds all the pieces in his workshop including the painting of the motorcycle I was alone the cradle of the chassis and the pipe, to then construct a chassis sud (wing of the owner), with its support that is a prism imitating the race bike of the GP, the Echo colin in fiberglass (matrixed in clay), the support of the mask , The escapes in stainless steel, (collaborated Diego Ferreira) and the painting with the motive of martini races team.   

The chassis was painted with power to power, everything but everything is new, from ball bearings, torrington, to ventilated brake discs....... This set ends up on a really nice bike that works everything, that can be used daily and that this wing order with just squeeze the accelerator and experience not only a sublime sound &  But a driving experience worthy of a race bike. (Note Mariano Carazo pictures Franco Martínez)  

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