"THE NEW EGLI FRITZ ". - on the road. After some sleepless nights he prepared for the new "Fritz W." It is on the way!

On 31 March 2017, after 30 years, once at home he developed to present to the public the motorcycle. An important day for he motorcycles.

The Egli Saga began when Fritz W. Egli got an old Vincent and made it fast enough to win. First he tuned the engine. Then he invented a new frame and went out to win against the day’s fastest contemporary bikes.
Today we still have the same attitude: That a good bike with a good engine in the hands of an EGLI mechanic will turn into something great. Regardless of its make or its year.
This is why every EGLI – whether it’s a Vincent, Kawa, Honda or Ducati and whether it’s from the eighties, nineties or the new milennium – is timeless.

Workshop Team - Norbert Büsch, Issum, Germany - 3D Bürli, Schenkon - Creasat, Seengen - Dörrer Galvanik, Hürich - Kobe Carrosserie, Gunzwil - Paint - Styling, Dallenwil - Polymechanik

Moto-presentation on April 1. And 2. to bed wil / Switzerland

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