BMW R69S "Thompson"

BMW R69S "Thompson" // 1964 by Er Motorcycles - photo © Jernej Šuligoj.

They are a professional team of designers/fabricators who redesign and rebuild old, time-worn motorcycles. The name of the brand ER Motorcycles (ER is short for Espresso Racer), stands for our passion for 1960’s cafe racers. It’s those long forgotten machines that boost our heart rate when we’re challenged to change their appearance and give them a new life.

What makes us STAND OUT from the crowd?

STORY - each and every motorcycle we built has its own intriguing story because we usually redesign old machines with lots of on and off the road history written by many different owners. It’s what gives us additional inspiration while designing our next build;

INNOVATION - we are eager to push the boundaries and try to go an extra mile when creating something innovative. Whether it is using different materials, mixing our own colours or combining parts from different motorcycles we always try to bring something fresh to the table;

UNIQUENESS - no motorcycle built by our team is like any other, because it is usually custom designed for a particular client and built according to his wishes and needs.

SIMPLICITY - it’s what makes good design become great and what forces us to rethink everything we put on paper…twice.

ATTENTION TO DETAILS - we are fully aware of the immense aesthetic power those small things possess, which is why we carefully refine everything until it finally feels right.

 team members:
> Blaž Šuštaršič - CEO / design
> Sašo Oven - brand management / design
> Simon Kvas - fabrication / welding
> Primož Vindišar - mechanics
> Drago Jenko - electrics
> Janko Rudolf - turning
> Janez Žebalc - painting
> Jernej Konjajev - photography
> Nina Bečaj - copywriting

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