Fomento Boards

FOMENTO is more than a brand or a label, it’s the quintessence of the boardsports and a lifestyle. 

I have always said that the RocketGarage was not only motorcycles and engines but also what goes around, here the other night I got to know Alessandro, the creative mind of a small company of high quality, the Fomento Boards, freestyle board hand made in Italy. 


It represents an artisanal and innovative world where the customers are the most important part of the project. A project that grew as a factory board voted to handmade stuff, high quality materials and uniqueness. 

In fact just think about that every single product can be customized and made to order to satisfying your surfing or skating addiction. An incredible way to live (not only) a sport experience that involved, from time to time, many riders teams from different countries who had the opportunity to join and promote the brand giving back their important impressions about its products.

 A smart approach and possibility for FOMENTO to improve and upgrade its unique creations or to realize new inventive ones! After all, the creativity and the idea of a contemporary and original factory (in every single aspect) was the “key” that drove Alessandro (designer and creator of the brand) to give life to this project. An adventure constantly evolving based on the research of new materials, new shapes and amazing graphics details powered by super-skilled designers. 

The brand is dedicated not only to skaters or surfers, it wants to be a benchmark for all the people who made their favorite sport their own daily mood. From boards to accessories, from tees or caps to gadgets, every single garment is able to spread passion and love about this damn cool emerging label! 

The same feelings that FOMENTO shares with street artists and tattooists, two crews who perfectly interpret the brand philosophy and realized unconventional board live painting to make the dream happen!

Ph: Denise Rosato photography
Ph: Marco De Giorgi 

Roma - via camposampiero 117

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