BMW R 100 RT Komplettumbau

In 60 challenging and creative working hours, we took a BMW R 100 RT year 1989 to the breast. The Bajuwarin with the striking two-cylinder boxer was liberated on the Kradwandler lifting platform by all the civilian fetters that had once been deployed in Munich. 

It got a tank that Harley Customizer Cole Foster has shaped for the German Harley parts supplier Custom Chrome Europe. Almost an offense. But we do not care about prevailing conventions.
We like the new lines created by the spray barrel and therefore we do not question whether a Harley part may be screwed to a BMW. Instead, we have worked the disc of the front panel with a flex according to our ideas and tinted dark red. The front has a much more sporty effect. An impression reinforced by the double-disc brake and the large-sized two-piston brake calipers working with it.

BMW R 100 RT Complete conversion: superfluous has to go away
The original rear fender of the tractor also disappeared in the refuse bin, as well as the Seriensitzbank and the side covers placed underneath. After the battery had found its place underneath the engine, a large free space arose, which is interrupted only by fragments of the frame tail, which are almost as fragile. A narrow, only a few centimeters thick self-built seat offers the pilot the possibility to vary his seat position in battle with the road after the conversion. Underneath the seat, the Kellermann brand of indicators are located on both sides of the motorcycle, which at the same time serve as a back-up and brake light. This does not require a disturbing rear light and also the license plate travels to the side of the motorcycle. Everything nice clean.

In addition to the new look, we also felt a change in the field of acoustics. In the rich BMW accessory program, a chrome-plated 2-in-2 system was quickly found, which now delivers the exhaust gases of the boxer to the environment at the level of the cardan with a dull sound. That's the way it has to be. In color, the ripping machine is raw and rectilinear. We have painted everything ourselves and we are consciously focusing on minimalism. True to the motto: less is sometimes more!

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