Honda CB750 Overbold Motor Co.

Honda CB Four, modified there are full web but you're always finds something interesting, today we talk about Overbold Motor Co. who made a nice Brat Style.
But who are these guys and where they come from?

Overbold Motor Co. was born in August of 2015. founded by Federico "Fred" Cerdá the Head of Desing and Miguel Angel "Micky" Bou as a manager.
We create a place where normal people can find the essence of the unusual motorcycles. We are specialized on Japanese and European motorcycles. Styles and shapes vary between motorbikes cafe racer, scrambler, trackers and brat styles. We live a constant struggle between the creativity and the legality of Spanish norms of circulation (itv).

Our creations try to respect the highest esthetic standards, without neglecting the functionality of the bike. Take care of the details and endless hours in our workshop in the neighborhood of Poble Nou in the city of Barcelona.

The Bike
Not everything is what it appears, and this transformation of Honda CB Seven Fifty from the 99 defines perfectly that.
The bike has undergone major changes...

Not the most difficult task but yes one of the most important changes for the master design line of the motorcycles is the fuel tank. This one comes from a Honda CB 750 K four of the 70´s. We keep the original gas cap but we add a touch class with the side panels in leather brown and black.
The full rear subframe was made new and follows the midline of the motorcycle. Cleaning lines and given a really classy aspect. The flat seat was totally created to fix on the subframe. At the rear part, we use rear mudguard coming from an old Triumph. The taillight is a bates style and the turn lights and plate are located in a legal position for the itv.

The front and rear suspensions were modified. For the rear we use a pair of shocks from Harley-Davidson Sportster, We use it to get the correct high and the harder enough for a safe run.
The front forks are the originals but we change the inside springs to get it low.
The head light is a big 7" British style with a classic side mount brackets. We want to give to this motorcycle a really retro face. We use the space of this headlight to accommodate the speedometer and electrical stuff.
The handlebar follows this retro line from the Japanese custom. A Renthal ultra low used inverted fix perfect for the propose.

To keep the old style and clean ideas we remove all the hand controls and we only use an all in one to have access to the lights, blinkers, and the kill switch. The levers are simple and you can check that the master cylinder is not visible on the handlebar. This is because is hidden underneath the fuel tank.
The spoke rims are not from the motorcycle but all the brake, and transmission system it is, Finally a classic Firestone Deluxe Champion tires give to this project the perfect equilibrium between a classy, retro and badass style motorcycle.

For the final touch, a lot of parts was painted in satin black (fuel tank, headlight, mudguards, bracket, covers, even the blinkers) to have a nice finish combined with the details in leather brown and black like the side panels, the grips and the belt for the battery.
Another bunch of parts was painted in powder coat to avoid the marks and the past of the time.

This is our 9th project since we start this adventure.

Photography sessions by Alvaro Cabezas & Federico Cerdá

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  1. Bom dia, amigo... gostaria poder bater um papo aí com o dono da moto
    Quero tentar fazer o projeto esse que você fez... a moto ficou maravilhosa mano




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