The idea for creating a flat tracker motorcycle burst out  of  The Real Intellectuals in a conversation with Bandisca, a team of A' class builders in Romania, and Caferacercult.gr from Athens.  

The kick start was the desire to create a motorcycle that was not only built from scratch, but that we could also race… and that's exactly what happened a month later at The Rotten Race.  This was our second time organizing the event, to an even greater than expected success !!!

 The whole venture begun with the offer from CaféRacerCult.gr of the withdrawn Honda CB400Τ. We contacted our collaborators at Bandisca Motorcycles, so that their moto-engineering expertise would give us the best possible results with the raw material we already had. 

The creative staff of The Real Intellectuals took charge of the art casing of the motorcycle, while Bandisca gave the final shape. The result is a collective work between two countries, with their imagination and love of the flat track scene as the main axis . It’s a work we admire as creators, but was also admired by the  people who got the chance to see it in motion. 

tank:  Kawasaki G7SS
engine: Honda CB400N 
frame and aluminum tail: custom made by Bandisca
wheels: 19''
tires: Golden Tyre Company GT267
handlebar: 70s Husqvarna

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