Show your bike - Win a Motorcycle Jacket 55 Collection

55 Collection is a small company based in Barcelona, working in the design and manufacture of motorcycle gear with a classic and caferacer style, using the latest developments in protective gear
These jackets are made with high quality leather, have a slim fit cut and use removable protections, which allow you to wear it for protected motorcycle rides and everyday use without losing the style.

The 55 Collection jackets are characterized by their limited production in the sense that they don't produce thousands of jackets sold by thousands of resellers. The only way to get a 55 Collection jacket is through its website www.55collection.com or at any of their limited points of sale.

Regarding to the production of these jackets, we must highlight that all 55 Collection jackets are handcrafted so that all small details are taking care of with special attention. All materials are from recognized brands, such as the protections of the prestigious British company D3O. Before they are ship to the customer, 55 Collection individually undergo a quality control checks to guarantee that the high standards of the brand are fulfilled. Without a doubt 55 Collection is the perfect alternative if you are looking for
a limited and handcrafted leather jacket that will protects you and at the same time suits you.
55 Collection offer free shipping and worldwide delivery.

The winner may choose any jacket, from 55 Collection, which will be customized with the logo RocketGarage

How to win this fabulous jacket? 
Just take a picture showing off your motorbike and post a photo on our Facebook page, (follow this link) the picture with most likes will be the winner of the jacket! After 30 days we will announce the winner.

Good luck and Merry Christmas from Rocket and 55 Collection


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