LM The Tracker by Dab Design

LM stands for “Lin Fiber Motorcycle" a natural fiber that is made from flax, comparable to carbon fiber for strength and lightness

The LM-0 is the proof that new technologies are fabulous tools for creation and give infinite possibilities.

The design process has been completely different than the “classic” customization method: completely 3D designed, innovative material, fully customizable 3D printed grips, billet aluminum parts and dozen of unique features.
Thanks to our 3D configurator, you will be able to visualize in 360° your own LM before riding it. 


Full composite bodywork designed by Dab Design 
Custom subframe 
Billet aluminum gascap 
Bimaterial seat with high density foam 
Multifonctions LED tail light 
LED front light (translucent front plate) 
Powder coated frame, swing arm and stand


Billet aluminum upper tripletree 
Integrated Motogadget Mini speedometer 
3D Printed grips (fully customizable) 
Ajustable Nekken risers 
Motogadget m-Switch


Handmade pipe 
Supertrapp muffler 
K&N Air Cleaner 
K&N Breather filter


Wire-spoked rims 
Front : 2.15 X 18 rim 
Rear : 2.15 x 18 rim


Heidenau K67 
Front : 4.00R18 
Rear : 4.00R18

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