You guessed it, we have a thing for 70 years ...
At that time, a motorcycle discipline was really on a roll on the other side of the Atlantic, it is the Flat Track.

Some great champions there are illustrated before winning in speed. Among them, some Kenny Roberts. King Kenny (or "yellow dwarf") is primarily known for his speed world championship titles, but before dominating the world on asphalt, Kenny Roberts was repeatedly Flat Track Champion in the United States by winning the "AMA Grand National Championship."

This motorcycle is, somehow, a wink to champion unconventional.

The aim was to achieve a motorcycle highly distinctive look but Dirt Track with the details necessary in order to move freely in the city without being worried. But we could not stop us in our habit to complicate a little life to make this truly unique and neat creation in every detail.

It was obvious he was from a Yamaha basis, and the XS650 is shown as the ideal bike for this preparation. If you approach a little closer, you will find that the context was completely changed, not just the back loop ... Nothing was left to chance, and the set was completely redesigned.

Patrick, through this project, wanted to demonstrate its know-how and we have set ourselves any limits, either in time or budget. Really no. The result speaks for itself.

We could develop further but the description would become excessively long. We therefore limit ourselves simply to say that no one remains unmoved face this XS 650 of FELIX GARAGE!

First look on Ottonero, thanks Ste 

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