SPEED Weevil

Nitro burning, double blown salt racer
Pete Person of Rocket Bobs Cycle Works
 2016 Artistry in Iron winner and crowned “Master Builders Champion”

Engine: 1935 Triumph L2-1 which has raced in the UK for 70 years

Frame: T45 with 316 stainless steel slugs and Inconel pins which hold it together

Trans: 1965 Japanese grasstrack race box

Front fork: Internally sprung 4130 aero tube girder with 316 stainless steel support arms

Swingarm: T45 grasshopper arm with 436 jack shaft running 12 high speed bearings

Supercharger: 1942 Rolls Royce Merlin compressor retrieved from a Spitfire

Turbo Charger: Extensively re-worked snowmobile unit

Fuel tank: Modifed 1977 Ironhead peanut with internal intercooler, plenum chambers and wastegate plus adjustable inlet tract

Carburettor: Yoshimura downdraft

Ignition: SEM magneto

Oil tanks: Also engine cradles, 316 stainless

Rear Brake: Fully custom with Hope caliper

Handlebars: Carbon

Wheels: Supermoto race with Dunlop full wets

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