Restomod Z1

■ It is manufactured Symbol of Unit-DFC.Z1 Complete Hokkaido O like.
Many of its Wake was able to choose the AutoMagic in which there is a custom Shop? Zu Furise not to see against deterioration frame was that you were running thought the chitin and improvement measures.

Under-frame (from under the stem to the rear suspension upper mount) is AutoMagic original seamless chromoly pipe. It is drawing material in consideration of weldability and strength. It is 1.6 times the strength of the lighter but genuine pipe with slightly thinner than normal. Of course, the upper frame to match it have been made their own reinforcement. Mounting position change of the engine in that you mount all the engine in the plate. In addition, an increasing number of choices of engines that can be installed.
· Unit frame pivot width There are two ways of STD and wide.
This has adopted wide-Type.
Swing arm of STD width 232mm⇒260mm reduction in XJR1200 will enter shot.
• In OFFSET sprocket & outboard with a boss is a super enhanced Type also be supported from the outside.

■ base frame ⇒Z1
■ base engine ⇒Z1
■ foot around and brake around set ⇒XJR1300
★ outside wheel ⇒ Gail N- (F) 3.5 / (R) 6.0JJ
Tire = Pirelli Angel GT (F) 120 / 60ZR17 R) 190 / 50ZR17
Handle = CG Separate Type
· Raitosute = not fork clamp AutoMagic original
★ Front offset sprocket = 530-18t 25mm Off set
■ frame function
· Under-Frame ← Chromoly Pipe UNIT-Freme of AutoMagic original
· Wide Pivot Type adopted
· UpperFrame = Original reinforcement of AutoMagic
■ engine-related
★ engine O / H & Light Tune
· Φ70.5Piston new
Cylinder stud new
Crank centering
- And many others know-how cored
★ Engine ← All Plate Mount & mounting position can be changed ⇒10mmUp
Muffler: Steel hand songs straight Type⇒ up processing and further short of
· Carburetor = FCRΦ35 & Funnel 75mm with net
■ exterior & Podishon related
And hydraulic clutch kit ⇒OutBoard type
· RearSuspension: OHLINS
· Step: One Plate Type Yet 10 position
■ electrical related
Main harness / regulator new
And outside ignition system = Uotani
· AutoMagic original blue backlit & White panel of

Auto Magic 

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