Alcatraz by North Coast Custom

In the custom of the world there are different levels of professionalism but hardly come close to those of Francesco Bella by North Coast Custom.
Many change the bike with accessories, a few develop the engines and even less build frames, but are really rare ones that make all this also building the engine. Francesco is part of this very narrow niche of people. 

Speaking with him and commenting on the various production processes, of which I had the pleasure to follow, it mocks proving humble person not only capable, for him costrurire a motorcycle from scratch including the engine is not complicated thing. But it is known to have the knowledge of a subject seems easy Institute. For his latest work that brought him into the top ten of AMD, the world championship for constructors.
With its independence and full control of all operational and staging considerations guaranteed, the AMD World Championship is set to build on the enviable reputation it has already garnered as the leading showcase of custom motorcycle design and engineering best (and wildest!) practice for years to come.

Took inspiration from facts and events of his life, which for confidentiality I am not here to tell. The use of metal and wood have predominated managing to create a bike but also the strong visual and emotional impact, the touch can convey sensations due to the past and perhaps the history of some of us. Certainly not the bike that are built for long distances, but to demonstrate the technical capabilities within the contest and with this interpretation are to be judged, but the fact remains that the work done is remarkable.

The engine part imported this project has the distinction of having the cylinder mounted in reverse compared to normal standards, so with the front and rear discharge, this has resulted in a much cleaner line without the encumbrance of the exhaust and spins around the cylinder or under the engine

Chassis, wheel fork and every other element that you see on the bike are the work of his work in the workshop, each component has been designed and created for this special.
All components were made entirely by hand, except for some elements: carburetor, tires, spark plug, piston. We do not have much......

2016 World Championship competitor
Builder Francesco Bella
Owner Francesco Bella
Location Santa Lucia del Mela
Country flag it Italy
Website www.northcoastcustom.it
Bike Name Alcatraz 521
Year/Model 2016
Engine Make/Size North Coast Custom 521 cc single cilinder
Drivetrain North Coast Custom
Frame Make/Type North Coast Custom aluminium box system
Front End North Coast Custom multilever
Rake 33
Swingarm North Coast Custom
Wheels Front North Coast Custom 2.5 x 18
Wheels Rear North Coast Custom 3.00 x 17
Tires Front 120/90/18
Tires Rear 160/70/17
Brakes Front North Coast Custom single disc
Brakes Rear North Coast Custom single disc
Painter North Coast Custom
Chroming/Plating North Coast Custom
Additional Info The bike- inspired by Escape From Alcatraz on 12 June 1962. Frank Morris arrived at Alcatraz on the day of my birth 08/08/1960, and this pushed me to the realisation.

AMD World Championship studio photography. Please credit Onno Wieringa (www.madnessphotogaphy.eu) and www.amdchampionship

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