After the success of Yamaha Motor Europe's Yard Built Guerilla Four XJR1300, and BMW Motorrad's Soul Fuel Project Bavarian Fistfighter RNineT, there're more and more interests coming for a Rough Crafts' none Harley builds. 

"I've always love performance/street style of bikes like tracker or cafe racer, etc. and few of you might know my first motorcycle was actually a Yamaha SR150 turned into a street tracker, and in Taipei city in particular, these kind of egile nimble bikes is the perfect solution for going throught heavy traffic of cars and scooters. 

So now here it is, a 2015 YAMAHA MT-07 turned street machine, to keep the stock edgy vibes it calls for a more sharp, strait lines through the whole body work by our good friend at Onehandmade include the fork covers are all made with light weight aluminum, the fork covers not only beefed up the skinny front forks also shift the visual weight to the front to give it that lean forward kinda look, 

Air Runner Kustom Helmet & Custom Paint finish the look with the matt grey paint, once again Gears Racing provided a custom made rear shock, also the adjustble fork damper kit which also drop the front for 1.5", ISR Brakes provided the ultra clean hand controls paired with motogadget grips and bar end turn signals to complete the sharp look, super light weight forged wheels from Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd. (武川車料工業股份有限公司), and Diablo Rain from PIRELLI motorcycle tyre Fans Club TW, and Zeuslightning made us the super clean look rear sets!!

 last but not least, Akrapovic Exhaust System carbon system has the look that matches what I visioned perfectly and K&N Powersports helps the engine brethe better!!! and once again, big thanks to 就就龍 Photographs for the stunning photos!! please share this if you like what you see!!!"

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