BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento

It's the stage for aesthetics, elegance and timeless design: at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como, unforgotten motorcycle classics stand alongside new concept vehicles and win over the hearts of the audience. The perfect place to introduce new ideas and designs at the traditional event. Showtime for the world premier of the BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento

The challenge: symbiosis.
When the BMW Motorrad designers put their heads together, it was primarily about the idea of bringing the fundamentally different segments of touring and sport together under one roof. The challenge lay in developing a motorcycle to meet the needs of tourers - without seeming plump and slow - not forgetting to be agile, light and sporty at the same time. And all the while demonstrating a certain degree of dynamic aggressiveness.


Full panel, clear edges.
The designers have found the answers to the questions and challenges: the bike's design and contours clearly portray the lightness. Starting with the trim panel, which as always provides protection against wind and the elements. The Concept Bike is made up of two parts. The top part is composed of the chrome-coloured tank and the tank cover is made of brushed aluminium. Carbon fibre is used in the bottom part – a new structure whose appearance is similar to that of laminated felt. The floating panels worked into the trim set particular accents and give the concept bike an unmistakable silhouette, which bears witness to a dynamic design language.

With luggage system for the tourer.
The luggage system of the BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento is well thought through and unique. For the first time ever, such a system can be used not only to store all equipment and create more storage space, but also to enlarge the rear seat. The sting: with this module, the concept bike becomes a machine suitable for touring, which also gives the pillion passenger or passengers plenty of space. You can easily secure and remove the cases using an electromagnet. In so doing, the designers of BMW Motorrad have targeted comfortable travel in the mid-range segment – for riders that like to travel alone, but also don't want to do without the enjoyment of touring together with friends. The BMW Motorrad concept bike 9cento provides the perfect switch.

Two cylinders, two jackets.
And the front also has a sporty appearance, which looks like a sign. Meanwhile, the typical split face clearly reflects the maxi scooter's BMW Motorrad genes. Here, the well-known LED daytime running light is already fitted, and a big TFT display fits in perfectly with the overall image. It's not just the design that alludes to a dynamic motorcycle – thanks to long spring deflects below the seat and on the fork, the concept bike has a very agile chassis and suspension setup. For the required forward drive, a robust twin-cylinder power unit forms the core of the machine. The topics of dynamics and agility are also reflected in the sporty riding gear with the colours black, blue and white. And with striking plastic protectors made by BMW Motorrad using the 3D printer, the jacket also integrates the elements of functionality and safety. A second jacket also captivates with its material mixture of kevlar and leather in discreet shades.

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