Wonderful from Taipei - Redifine R9T 2LOUD Custom

Many are those who have worked, modified and changed the appearance at the Bmw Nine T, but always from the far east come the most interested things.
2 Loud Custom form Taipei have redefined this free R NineT from the Café Rider style orthodoxy, modeling the contour and driving position with Scrambler orientations.

Max Ma by Loud 2 Custom tells us about the project and the modifications: We really wanted to work on this bike in a free way, to create a more linear and streamlined motion than the original  
Meanwhile, we attempt to downsize the ginormous gas tank to reveal more of the classic BMW boxer cylinder, along with major modifications on rear half of frame for rendering a clean-cut outline while balancing aggressiveness and harmony. 

  1. Front suspension is dismantled, reset and matched with new color schemes for more consistent color combination and better functionality.
  2. Original wheels are remained but are bake painted with metal gloss paint for extended durability.
  3. We opt for PIRELLI MT60RS to provide riders sufficient grip on on-road riding. 
  4. GEARS Racing H2 for R nineT is opted as rear suspension.
  5. (Cylinder head, belt pulley cover and shaft) painted to pure black.
  6. Stainless steel handmade full exhaust system.
  7. K&N high performance air filter.
  8. Arch motor oil radiator.
  9. MS Pro aluminum alloy CNC-cut tail lights.
  10. Chrome 4.5” retro headlight
  11. Aluminum alloy small turn signal lights.
  12. Handmade stainless-steel handles are engaged with Brembo RCS brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder. Switch cable are wired through handle pipes for cleaner look.
  13. Frame behind engine component has undergone a major hand-crafting and modification.
  14. Gas tank shaped from solo piece of flat iron sheet is mounted with a low-profile aluminum alloy hand-carved gas tank cover. What’s cool, Motorgadget Pro for R nineT gauge is embedded on front end of gas tank cover.
  15. Seat embellished with handmade cow leather seat pad.
  16. Telephone-receiver-look-alike decorative covers over the K&N air filter on both sides of body are also hand-beaten.
  17. Mounting positions for many parts on this R nineT are actually been relocated, including two computer boxes, ABS, lithium iron battery, gas pump, a great number of cables, etc.

2 Loud Custom

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