How to Build a Flat Track Motorcycle

To build a simple flat track motorcycle, find a motocross bike, replace its front wheel with a 19-inch wheel, and take it out on the track. That quick mod creates the basics, but if you want a flat track motorcycle that has the power and speed you need, you may need to build your engine from scratch and make a few additional adjustments.

Start With an Engine

The most effective way to build a quality engine for your flat track motorcycle is to start with an existing engine, such as the 2007 Honda CRF450. Replace the crankshaft, rod, cylinder, and cam on that engine with quality racing parts.

Although you can use stock parts, they are more likely to break, and you don't want a broken rod to slice through its case and turn your engine into scrap metal halfway through your ride. You should also invest in a new clutch basket, plates, springs, and a hub.

Increase Your Engine's Horsepower

In order to have power on the track, you need to maximize your engine's horsepower. The AMA Pro Racing rules restrict flat track motorcycleriders to OEM-size valves and valve locations so you can't do any intense modding on this step, but a simple 13:1 compression-ratio CP piston gives you the power you need.

Use top-end pistons, valves, and springs and make sure they are accurately machined and cleaned so they fit tightly. That should take you up to 13,500 rpm.

Add a Downpipe

To further boost your horsepower, install a downpipe. Unlike an up-pipe, a downpipe keeps the engine away from unnecessary heat build up, keeping it cool regardless of your speed. Then, tune the carburetor so you get the precise mixture of air and fuel you want.

When everything is ready, test out the engine on an engine dyno and make sure it's not running too light. Then, check your spark plugs to ensure they are secure, and adjust the filter box for even greater airflow.

Choose a Chassis and Install the Tires

For your chassis, you can use a motocross bike frame. Simply, paint and decorate it to create the effect you like. You also want a 19-inch by 2.15-inch rim for your front wheel, with strong disc brakes on it. In the back, make sure you install a 19-inch quick-change wheel. That can be invaluable in a racing situation.

Add the Final Touches

Your flat track motorcycle is practically ready to ride, but first, you need to add a few final touches. Install your favorite brake lever, brake line, throttle, and clutch lever. All of these elements are based on personal preference, and you can buy the brand or type of item you like.

Finally, add a comfortable seat, some rubber-covered footpegs, and your handlebar grips. Now, you are ready to ride.

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Photo by RocketGarage & Dueruote.it


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