The ER Kit by Dab Design - BMW R nineT custom kit

Convert your BMW R nineT into an Enhanced Racer.
After building a series of custom motorcycles in 2017, Dab Design has designed its first custom motorcycle kit for all BMW R nineT owners : the Enhanced Racer kit. The ER kit will drastically change the design of your bike without modifying anything on the factory chassis, retaining reliability, performance and safety. 

No grinding, no welding, no long waits, only basic tools are needed to customize your one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Our kit is for any rider who wants to customize the R nineT in their garage with standard tools and that doesn't require any welding skills or special equipment.


We have reconstructed the BMR R nine T in 3D with 3D scanners, to record as accurately as possible, all dimensions and details. Once the motorcycle has been virtualized, all our components have been carefully designed and simulated in 3D and then sent to our manufacturer in France. 

1/ Front Fairing
Maintained by its metal structure mounted on the factory chassis, the front fairing incorporates the new lighting system : a dual position lenticular optics coupled with a led bar acting as a position light. 

 2/ Front mudguard/Fork cover
Our front fender comes with an ultra neat design which has two functions : fender and fork cover.

 3/ Tail
The new rear shell and side covers greatly changes the look of the original rear of your R nineT. You can also remove it at will and mount the passenger seat if you want to carry someone with you.

 4/ Radiator side guards
Your radiator will be protected with 2 side guards participating in the racing aspect of the ER kit. 

5/ Dab Design CNC logos
Final detail : 2 CNC Aluminum Dab Design emblems which will make your bike make your bike look like a real gem.

6/ Dual position lenticular headlight E4 CERTIFIED & LED daylight strip E4 CERTIFIED

The ER Kit is a bolt-on kit that allows you to customize your stock R nineT by yourself without any special mechanical skills, to transform it into a one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

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