Bol d'Or Manx Style

The inspiration for this build was taken from a 1962 G50 Matchless.

“Our customer wanted a café racer with classic styling.  We had quite a few meetings discussing what he wanted from this build, looked at many a photograph, and went back and forth on the direction to be taken.”

Parts used from SDG Moto

Billet alloy clip on handlebars

Billet alloy mirrors

Billet alloy hand controls

Billet alloy switch blocks

Billet alloy speedo relocation bracket

Billet alloy brake strap

Billet alloy universal rear sets

Billet alloy headlight brackets

Billet alloy square LED indicators

Customised GPS Speedo

Dual carburettors with custom rubbers

Tri Y slipon muffler

Manx style tank and phat boy seat

Akront style stainless rims

Stainless spokes

Parts sourced for this build

Emgo headlight

Koni rear shocks

Bolt kits

Fork gaitors

Stainless front guard

New tyres

VAT holder

Titanium exhaust wrap

Distressed leather for seat

Dzus fasteners

Rear master cylinder

Batterybox and brackets

Custom parts fabricated for this build

Handmade stainless steel tank strap

Custom machined billet alloy hand turn headlight adjusters

Custom stainless steel rain panels, black anodised and held on with Dzus fasteners

Custom machined billet alloy collars for headlight brackets

Custom machined nolathane sleeve in speedo relocation bracket to house speedo

The 900cc engine was given a full rebuild, and custom paint job inspired by the Matchless G50 engine.

The Manx style tank was given a custom deep maroon paint job, and the use of silver pinstriping and the silver single wing Honda logo was chosen to pay homage to the double wing Matchless logo.

The phat boy seat was upholstered in a vintage distressed leather look vinyl, for durability, which was sourced from the USA.

The front end has been completely redone. Forks rebuilt and new fork gaitors added. All brake and oil lines were replaced with new stainless steel braided lines with Earls fittings. The front end was fitted with lighter front discs from standard

Every nut, bolt, washer, gasket, seal and bearing was replaced with new where possible.  If we were unable to source a new replacement, the original was was totally refurbished and replated to look as new.

As you can see absolutely nothing has been left untouched on this motorcycle, right down to the new grease and bleed nipples on the brakes.

For all intents and purposes, this is as good as a CB900 that rolled off the showroom floor in the day, if not better.

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