Goldwing Drag Bike

The "Original" Whiskey Priest Drag Bike. 
This was a stock Honda Goldwing 1200 Interstate.

Being it's purpose was for the drags, every bit of weight was shed for the purpose of speed.    It is very consistent.  Runs very good.  A few comments on the build:  bike is running a GSXR600 front end with a Viper mini-fairing.  Gas tank is vintage tin.  Fiberglass tail section is NOS for a TZ250 from the 60s.  Rear tire is a fat Shinko 170-80/15.  Front is a Pirelli 120-70/17.  Bike is modified with a hard tail girder strut.  Pipes are run up under the bodywork and out the back with two chrome extensions.  The paint is a heavy metallic ghetto gold.  Really nice.  Only cosmetic flaw on the bike is the matte black front fender.  Has a few stress cracks near the edge, as seen in one of the pics.

Many, many new parts throughout.  Carbs were completely serviced.  All new gaskets.  Radiator has been replaced with a scooped style, which is much more efficient than the old stock part.  New timing belts.  Also, new clutch pack installed.  Bike is charging, shifting through all the gears and doing everything that it should do to define a fully mechanical, functional motorcycle.

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