"The Elegant Ride"

1975 CB750 K5 "The Elegant Ride" by Magnum Opus
This bike is being featured on the major cafè racer websites for its design and attention to details.

It starts as a 1975 CB750 K5 with a modified frame and a freshly rebuilt motor (new piston rings, valve stem seals and all new gaskets (all of them), also a  3 angle valve job was done. The bike has only the testing milage on it (100 mi).

Everything else (I mean everything else) has been replaced/upgraded.
It's a joy to ride and it handles wonderfully!!! But hey, you're free to park it in your living room and show it to your guests, if you wish !!!
With this build we wanted to create a light looking machine without sacrificing the handling and the elegance.
We believe we achieved that with The Elegant Ride.

A huge amount of effort went into the wiring and the controls, we had to minimize the number of wires/cables that go into the headlight, to get to the neat appearance we wanted.
So, we got rid of the original controls to install minimalistic ones and relocating the start button (by hiding it) into a machined triple tree top nut.
We wanted to use a headlight without lateral brackets, but we had a hard time finding one with the shape we wanted. We ended up with a very unusual choice, by adapting and installing a headlight that comes from a French car produced in 1948. We modified the body, to allow the installation of a 2.5" speedometer in it.
The forks have been taken apart and chromed (they came from a 1978 CB750F), the brake disk,drilled.
The old steering ball bearings have been replaced with a new generation of tapered ones and the races replaced.

The velocity stacks (with brass screens), hand grips, pegs, tail light and exhaust tip have been machined down on a metal lathe (not CNC), we really spent some time creating these unique pieces by hand, using a bunch of aluminum billets.
The gas tank and the seat pan were also handmade and the aluminum polished.
The battery we used is a non-spillable gel one, installed under the seat cowl (we also installed a battery tender connector so you won't have to take apart anything to install it).
The two original ugly unit (rectifier and regulator) have been replaced with a combo solid state one, installed under the seat along with the new LED blinker unit.
...The bike features custom wiring that led us to eliminate things we don't need or that would take up too much room, this bike now has a single 30 amp fuse , easily reachable on the right side of the bike.

Continuing with the list of handmade parts, the starp and the upholstery was made by using , foam pads, and hand-quilted italian leather (100% prime quality leather).
As you can see, the oil tank we used it isn't the original one, this particular one was made according to our specifications and professionally TIG welded and pressure tested by a shop here in Wilmington, NC. New oil lines were installed as well.
We also installed a new 530 GOLD chain for aesthetical and functional purposes, drilled the rear wheel drum, the chain cover and some of the frame tabs for the same reason.
New, vintage firestone tires were used for this build, because we wanted everything to match that period in time.
The company's logo was the only thing engaved (cnc'd) onto the points cover.
We installed a 4 into 1 kerker exhaust with a custom made exhaust tip.
Upgraded the carburetors jet, needles and synchronized everything.
Lastly, the hammer engraved name plate was added at the end to give you the feeling of a hand built machine.

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