The blockbuster movie Mad Max inspired an "untameable" motorbike
Dreaming about the future: a pencil meets a hand, a hand shapes the material. It’s fantasy. It’s precision. It is a lover of the two wheels that meets the sculptor he has inside. 
“Indomabile”: that’s the name of the last creation by Luca Pozzato.

From his stream of consciousness made of wheels and motors, of hedonic inserts and advanced technology, born a bike that is pure freedom. A motorbike which comes after his experimentation with luminescent paints (model Nasty) and the use of the noblest among the woods (Bonneville Essentia), after the integration of iPads (One) and the collaboration with the fashion brand Bomboogie. “Indomabile”. And the show begins.
It all started thanks to a meeting with a big fan of Officine GPDesign creations. A man who gives Luca the possibility of creating a two-wheeler that is pure artistic expression. A motorbike to look at, to touch, to caress. With the audacity of mind and heart, Pozzato is inspired by the film Mad Max, by its post-atomic means of locomotion, the desperate research for freedom, for hope, for a dream. As the protagonists fight to free the world, Luca struggles to liberate his ideas. To clear the equality that kills the though. The result is a bike sculpted in metal, with new shapes and unusual lines. The tank, the hips and the tail are handmade in aluminium, the paints used for the finish are real natural oxidations, the plaques in gold is obtained with the cold process of metallization Powermetal. From
its details, a perfect harmony comes from. The exhaust pipe in powder coated stainless steel, the side racks which enhance the mood of inspiration, the saddle stitched by hand in eel skin (supplied by Foglizzo Leather), the spoke wheels Kineo with knobbly tires: a three-cylinder 800cc MV Augusta wears new clothes beautifully. Small and precious, with its aged brass, the brand Officine GPDesign slight whispers the secret. That of a motorbike which is apocalyptic. Extreme. “Indomabile”.

Photo by Alessandro Altavilla
For info and HD images: Laura Alberti - +39 333 8380102 – laura.alberti87@gmail.com 

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