Hooligan Tactics

The Hooligan Tactics by Rough Crafts

After the Urban Cavalry build, the idea of a Sportster/Street Fighter version of it has always been in my mind, when an owner brougt us a slightly modified 48 and told me to do whatever I want with it, it's the perfect chance, just so happened I have a XR1200 swingarm laying around, the rest of it like inverted forks, Progressive Suspension piggyback shocks... etc kinda just falls into place naturally, then developed a prototype seat/tail section that's going to production soon, you'll see it works out well with Streetfighter, tracker, or cafe racer, for the paint I want to push the "tactics" feel more so went with a blue-ish grey digital camo which was rarely used in the custom Harley scene and it worked out perfectly. and yes the tank was modified from a sportster tank too~
Thanks again for Arlen Ness Motorcycles 10 Gauge wheels and Lyndall Racing Brakes made us the matching composite rotors, Performance Machine provide us the brake components as always!!

photo by 就就龍 Photographs

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