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From Brazil by Carlos Delgado Ducati 1198 Cafe 

That the web is a great source of inspiration for fans is well known, and the RocketGarage makes a strong point of trying to give new inputs in an almost daily. The modern reader will be left forlgarato by Mr. Martini Flash Back America Ducati 1098R, and he decided to play it back home

"I am a motorcycle enthusiast, traveler and racer from Brazil and I did this private build myself and executed it in my garage with professional help from a painter and a welder"

Here is what I did in the motorcycle Ducati 1198 S, year 2010:

-Custom made subframe in steel and paint in Titanium
-Custom made paint: Wheels, Fuel Tank and Headlight in Black Cadillac colour.
-Fairing rebuild and paint in Titanium
-Custom made seat in crude  yellow leather.
-Old school 7 inches headlight and mini turn signal with modified suppport brackets for that and the spedometer
-ZARD exhaust with modified mid-pipe
Equipments added:
-Bitubo, steering damper
-Aluminum race pegs 
-Gear counter
-British style mirrors

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