Sporty RS TT

"... I have to be honest about this. Under normal circumstances, would rather be caught by a speed camera and fined than riding a Harley. Mixers slow with nine lights do not excite me. But there is one exception, the racer Harley XRTT Davidson. For me, the XR has always been an icon of the races ... "
Frank Melling

In 1972 Harley Davidson showed the world his new racer. The XRTT 750 showed up for years dominating the transcontinental race (Anglo-American Match races) getting numerous victories and their championships.

In 2014 comes the project RSTT 35, Rock Solid Motorcycles / Chico Lobo-Gastropub in partnership with hoods Garage and Nuno Ferreira Santos photographer, in order to recreate the spirit racer HD, using a XL1200 Sport as a starting point.

The aim of this partnership is not to build the fastest bike in the world but recall the nostalgic feelings of a racer Low-Tech, a technologically evolved society.

While this presentation takes place, the process of dismantling the Sportster and planning of future parts manufacturing and machining already began. Over the coming months we will publish the construction process captured by the lenses of Nuno Ferreira Santos.

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