Tracker Urban Husky Hide Brussels

An explosive cocktail that makes this Husq send really strong with a sacred draw in the unspeakable style between the scrambler and Street Tracker but with a patina clearly signed HIDE!

The Husky 450 SMR  was introduced in Supermoto at the beginning of 2004 and was placed just under the 510. Liquid cooling and 449 cc which develops 46 hp and 41 Nm of torque for a full weight of 130 kg. Pure supermoto on the paper !!

The goal was to turn the Husky into a street maniac.

After having abandoned all the plastics;
Mission: drastically lower the livestock and diet !!
For this, an inverted Marzocchi of 45 mm (-120 mm at the origin).
A small tank Yamaha XT.
Descent of the cooling system.
2jantes Excel 17 'and their Dunlop Mutants.
Modification of the subframe and placement of a Globe skate deck with psychotropic finishes to put the buttocks.
Modification of the wiring harness and placement of a compact Lithium battery and ultra compact LED lights to lose the last grams.

For the engine, forged piston plus cylinder head permeability. Valves and connecting rod changed for high performance. All parts come from ProX.
Everything breathes with a BMC admission that is fed by a big Mikuni pump recovery whose bowels have been revised upward.

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