Less and less are the special or cafe racer on bikes with 2-stroke engine.
But in brazil where small displacement are among the most prevalent it is easy to find that kind of work. Bike light and easy to drive, like this Yamaha RD 135 made lighter than that in the standard version as the use of aluminum and with more power and evil all taking inspiration from the past.
Even Daniel Costa has used the form of Submit your bike to propose his bike and tells his story and that of her work.

Daniel to build his bike was entrusted to Recar Motos, so all new aluminum parts and various components, while the engine has provided Serrano Racing, inspired by motorcycle racing 70s

Where are you coming from?

Who else worked with you?

How can you describe yourself (or your team)?
Daniel (owner)
RECAR MOTOS (customizer)
Serrano Racing (engine preparation)

What inspired you to start building the bike?
I like old bikes and cafe racer.

Where did it come from?
What's the donor bike, make, model, year?
Yamaha RD135 1995

What was your vision/plan?
Make a little two stroke "cafe racing".
What did you do to the bike?
Engine preparation for alcohol.
6 gears from Yamaha DT 180cc
Aluminium body kit.
Brembo front brake kit…

If you've upgraded parts, what make did you choose and where from?
Upgrade performance

Any interesting challenges, unconfident, or mistakes?
I built the motorcycle twice times, after a finished the first time a follow on highway at 160km/h and need to rebuild all body kit… just a little mistake…

Tell us about the finish/logos/design?
Try to do a tribute for 70" racing bikes…

Any unique features?
All aluminium hand made body kit…

How would you describe your bike?

How does the bike ride?
With the old look, mechanical preparation, light weight it runs very well for only 135cc engine and can scares a lot of bigger bikes on streets but without any comfort…

What will you do next? New projects?
Nothing yet…

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