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Inspired by films such as 'Blade Runner' or 'Ghost In The Shell', a Ducati 999S converted for the racetrack by the Berlin Custom Builder Vengine was completely redesigned and turned into a cinematic highlight together with a Bell Bullitt. As befits a helmet design company, the helmet is unique in the world. The idea came from our DNA in motorsport. The very eye-catching non-continuous, two-part visor detail is inspired by one of the first Bell Formula 1 helmets, the Bell Star XF GP. The visor was individually made of carbon and incorporated into the helmet paint.

The bike was ridden at the 101 by Adrian Majewski alias Vengine, the custombuilder himself, and competed in the International Sprint. There are few rules and no limitations in this class. That's exactly how the bike was built. It is almost nothing original but was made specifically for use on the 1/8 mile.

Christian Möhring from helmade on the race: "Since our first visit to the 101 we have looked at the 1/8 mile and wanted to participate as a brand with our origins in motorsport in the race. That it worked already in the third year and we have brought together with Vengine a bike at the start makes us proud. We had an amazing time at Glemseck in the last two years. The visitors, the organization and the atmosphere of this event are unique. "

We captured this highlight in a rather unusual film for the motorcycle scene. On an old factory site in Frankfurt, we brought together what belongs together, the helmade NOIR and the matching Bell Bullitt. Responsible for the story and the production was Eray Aydin: "With the film we tell the story of two opposing protagonists with a common goal, which meet in a gloomy mixture of dream and reality. The film's aesthetics were strongly influenced by the colors and retro-futuristic style of the neon-noir genre. "The film can be found on our social channels.

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