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This classic 1975 Honda CB750F SuperSport was a full restoration project. Originally an abused relic with a sidecar attached to it, plenty of work had to be done to bring this motorcycle back to life. 

Nick Acosta is a newcomer to the world of specials but he immediately made a first appearance of his work. He has sent us pictures of this restoration, where he has inserted minimal milestones to accentuate the pleasure of driving.

In this brief interview he tells us about him and about the work performed on this motorbike

I am a self taught custom motorcycle builder and engineering student from Toronto, Canada that specializes in all years of Japanese and American motorcycles. I started building late last year (2017) with my first cafe racer project, and was lucky enough to have it published along with winning a few awards for it at the beginning of 2018. That jump-started interest in my builds and skills with older motorcycles.

What did you do to the bike?

This motorcycle was originally given to me by a good friend after I got into a motorcycle accident and totaled the motorcycle I was riding before. It really helped me get the confidence I needed to ride again, however it needed a lot of work. There are A LOT of great cafe racer builds for the Honda CB750 SuperSports , however I struggled to find any restorations of these beautiful machines, so I challenged myself to fully restore this motorcycle with some tasteful modifications.

The bike originally belonged to a friend of mine who was nice enough to sell it to me after I rode it and fell in love with it
The 1975 Honda CB750F SuperSport was the first year Honda introduced the SuperSport in the 750cc class, and until today is quite a rare motorcycle. The motorcycle originally had the wrong paint, had an oil cooler and sidecar mounts welded on the frame, a leaky engine, and lots of rust and pitting all over. My plan was to completely strip down the bike to a bare frame and restore the bike back to factory specs, while upgrading the exhaust, engine, electrics and braking. Classic looks with modern parts

The motorcycle frame was stripped down and repaired, and the aftermarket side car mounts and oil cooler that we're welded on were cut off. The gas tank was also stripped down, repaired, and repainted back to factory sunrise orange.
The engine was completely rebuilt, however some new components were added, including stronger valve guides (since the old ones had a history of being a bit weak), a upgraded cam tensioner, and a billet aluminum oil pump rotor. The electrical was also completely re-done, with a brand new wiring harness installed, an upgraded rectifier/regulator combo, and new maintenance free battery. To help the bike gain a bit more speed, a K&N Filter was added to the stock airbox, a brand new Hindle Exhaust system was made and fitted onto the bike, and the carburetors we're rebuilt and re-jetted for the upgraded air filter and exhaust.

If you've upgraded parts, what make did you choose and where from?

Finally, the braking was upgraded. A floating rear disk was added to the rear section of the bike, and both front and rear rotors we're drilled. The original rear master cylinder was no longer usable, so I decided to fit on an aftermarket Nissin master cylider, and finally added stainless steel brake lines for the finishing touch.

The forks we're upgraded with progressive suspension springs to help stiffen the front while keeping the bike comfortable when riding.
I used a Nissin master cylinder for the rear brake since they are one of the top manufacturers from Japan, and their high-quality product would ensure worry free braking for years to come.

Any interesting challenges ?
The biggest challenge with this motorcycle was sourcing original parts for the 1975 CB750F. Not too many models we're sold, and the supersport model has some unique parts that were only used for the 1975 year, so finding good quality original parts was extremely difficult. Even if I found the specific part I needed for the motorcycle, very often they we're not in good shape, so I had to restore or rebuild them.

The finish of the motorcycle gas tank is the original factory color for the 1975 Honda CB750F SuperSport, the only year it came in flake Sunrise Orange, possibly my favorite motorcycle paint of all time. All factory stickers we're also re-made and placed onto the bike where they originally we're

Any unique features?
the unique features of this bike has to be the exhaust system and brakes, since the rest of the motorcycle is a great example of how the bike looked like from the factory, yet those added components compliment it's vintage look with some modern technology.

How does the bike ride?
Riding the motorcycle now is super fun. It's extremely quick, stable, easy to move, and very comfortable. A perfect ride either in busy city streets, or longer trips in the country. And of course the paint and look of the motorcycle always attracts attention.
What will you do next? New projects?

I am also starting a chopper project with a 1993 Harley Davidson Sportster. I want to always be challenging myself with new designs, and building a hardtail chopper seems like a great new project

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  1. Nice bike, I like it.
    Where can we follow other projects from this guy?

  2. I have one in red color and my brother give to his coworker without my permission and never see it again...


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