What is the big problem of every customizer?
To deal with customers.
In fact, almost all customizers work on commission, and therefore must respect the customer's requests, which few times they allow themselves to be aesthetically oriented and at this point that intervene the skill of the customizer in finding the meeting point between their style and vision and the client's wishes.
That of the Bmw R 80 of these photos is one of these cases

Remy Pagart tells us about this project and that the customer had a fairly accurate idea of ​​what he wanted to see a lot of images of BMW transformed but of course, I was happy to suggest other options.

It's certain ; it's trendy, everyone wants his little "Scrambler" BMW and it is understandable as this base is interesting but I wanted to offer him something different, more radical. Well it did not happen ... No problem!

In fact, he wanted a motorcycle that was both classy and aggressive and not mono-place.
So I offered to make him a boxer, short, stripped with a balanced mix of black, gray and aluminum for the class side and tires with crampons for the aggressive appearance.concernant
Regarding the seat, I drew a "small" bi-place but well paced.

This bike is a 7 series and I'm not a fan of his tank; so, I replaced it with a series 6 that has a lot more character.
I created a new but slightly square back loop to change the round that everyone uses and put on a custom made leather seat.

Even if I'm not a big fan of stick rims, I must say that they are quite sober and I liked it; so I kept them.
Of course, epoxy lacquer on the entire frame and on the wheels.
The air filter housing has been replaced by a rounded aluminum motor housing.
A small headligth with a fine grid, little mufflers just noisy and a wide handlebar in 28 finished drawing the boxer-scrambler look that I wanted to give to the beast.

Electricity and controls, Motogadget, of course.

So, at the end and once again, a beautiful big toy full of flexibility and surprises.

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