GSXR 400 ZERO | Lunatic Custom Motorcycle

Story about Zero
As the story starts from the intentions I want to give a gift to little brother in his birthday, my brother really like especially automotive motor, I finally decided to give him a gift of a custom motorcycle.
I have a rough of machine and frame Suzuki GSXR 400, then suddenly thought to make the Cafe Racer from the machine that I got it, I started the concept and collect part2 supporters.

Actually, this bike will I give to my little brother 2 years ago, but because there are other more important projects therefore I enlisted the help of friends to help me realize my desire to build the motors. 
But in the journey, then it is not easy, and after a nearly finished 2 years motor failed as well, so from that I took and I solve by yourself, the best my friends assisted cross city cross the province, then finally be a Custom Motorcycle that I concept birthday gifts for brother, yes of course it is already late, because it should've been 2 years ago then he received.

This motor will be seen by a wider audience when the event Custom Widths or KUSTOMFEST 2018 which is held in the city of Yogyakarta, since I signed up and this bike in the test to qualify as one of the participant's Showbike at Kustomfest. 
May the universe supports and motor gets the highest Appreciation in the class All Cafe Racer. So it can be the most beautiful gift to my brother as my sweetheart in gratitude to his younger brother.

Suzuki GSXR 400th 1996

Bike name: ZERO
Owner: Yuwono Jati Builder: Lunatic Custom Motorcycle
Country : Indonesia

Spesification :

-Body: Total Custom (galvanized plate size 1, 4 mm)
-Chassis/Frame: Original Suzuki GSXR 400 and in Custom for sub frame
-Engine: Original Suzuki GSXR 400
-Shock Front: USD kawasaki ZX10R 2011-2013
-Shock Rear: YSS Monoshock Aftermarket Brands
-Swing Arm: Original Ducati Multistrada
-Front/rear Rims: ENKEI Original Ducati Diavel front 3.50 inch width 17/17 rear width 8 inch
Rear Front tyres: Front Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 120/70-17/rear Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 240/45-17
-Handle right Brake and clutch: Original Kawasaki ZX10R
-Headlamp: Aftermarket model Daymaker
-Stoplamp: Custom by Zone Modified Project Bandung
-Brake Handle Sein: Custom by Zone Modified Project Bandung
-Mirror Handlebars: Aftermarket 
-Speedometer: Aftermarket
-Paint: TCM Modified Purwokerto
-Exhaust: Custom by Lunatic Performance Exhaust
-All details: by Lunatic Custom Motorcycle

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